Friday, 25 September 2015

BUS 691 Week 6 Assignment My Personal Leadership Experience

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My Personal Leadership Experience
Leadership is a quality that most individuals do not hold as a personality trait. It goes beyond just giving instructions to employees. A quality leader creates a partnership with a team of his employees. In a working environment, a leader’s essentials include managers and members of staff with whom they share a lesser role to their leader. A leader is expected to inspire his subordinates to embrace the beliefs and objectives of the firm. For a company to have an extraordinary management, it is the responsibility of the leader to manage his team through motivating them to use their knowledge towards the success of the company. A leader must permeate all his followers with an impulse that is directing towards achieving the goal of the enterprise (Kouzes & Posner, 2010). A business with no vision and mission will never move and respond to change appropriately. Hence, there is need to implement effective communication skills by both the leader and follower so as to paint a vision of the future of the company. This paper focuses on my personal leadership experiences in my occupational backgrounds and the impacts it would bring to my future career. Buy now


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