Sunday, 27 July 2014

BUS 508 Assignment 2: Mergers and Acquisitions

Assignment 2: Mergers and Acquisitions

Examine the circumstances that resulted in the merger or acquisition for the selected company. Speculate on two (2) reasons why the resulting decision to merge or to acquire / be acquired was made One of the recent Mergers involve Coca-Cola and ZICO. Coca-Cola Company is the leading non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer in the world. On the other hand, ZICO was also in the non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing industry. Its main product is Coconut Water, which has earned the company substantial revenues over the years. There are various reasons that justify Coca-Cola decision to acquire ZICO Beverages LLC. To start with, Coca-Cola Company wanted to gain the leading position in one of the fastest growing beverages categories in the world (The Coca-Cola Company, 2013). Currently, the company is the leading brand in the world. However, there are new entrants who have threatened the company’s position in the non-alcoholic beverage industry.


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