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MKT 500 Assignment 1: Part A:  Your Marketing Plan

Assignment 1: Part A:  Your Marketing Plan

Student’s Name

Strayer University




Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

Company Background. 4

Environmental Analysis. 4

Political Forces. 4

Economic Forces. 5

Social Forces. 5

Technological Forces. 6

Competitive Forces. 6

Primary and Secondary Target Market 6

Primary Target Market 7

Secondary Target Market 7

Branding Strategy. 7

Performance Analysis. 8

Quantitative Marketing Objectives. 8

Qualitative Marketing Objectives. 9

SWOT Analysis. 9

Strengths. 9

Weaknesses. 9

Opportunities. 10

Threats. 10

Marketing Strategy for the Products. 10

Positioning Statement 11

Marketing Science of Customer Behaviour 12

References. 13






Executive Summary


This is a marketing plan for Fresh Drinks Company. Fresh Drinks is a company in the soft drink industry. It manufactures non-carbonated soft drinks. The company operates in a dynamic business environment. The political, economic, social-cultural, legal, technological, and competitive forces affect the activities of the company. Particularly, changes in the health lifestyles of consumers play a great role in the marketing plan of the company. The marketing plan targets a wide range of consumers. However, the ageing population and people with obesity are a significant target market for the company. The company’s products are favourable to their health. Furthermore, the branding strategy of the company focuses on health issues. This makes the company distinct in the market as it offers products that are commensurate to the current needs of the customers. This approach to the market would assist the company to gain a larger market share of the ageing population and the sick. Increase in market share would increase the company’s revenues, and ultimately profitability of the company. Consequently, there will be high returns available to the shareholders. In this regard, the company can capitalize on its strengths and weakness to achieve a high competitive advantage. On the other, the threats and weaknesses should be kept at a minimum level. Generally, the marketing plan seeks to expound on the significance of the company in the soft drink market. The plan would provide an effective strategy for market penetration, and sustaining the company’s competitive edge.



Company Background

  The name of the hypothetical company is Fresh Drinks Company. The core business of the company is to prepare and serve fresh drinks to a variety of customers across America and the international market. The idea to start the company can be attributed to the changes in health life styles in the recent world (Ferrell, 2014). 


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