Wednesday, 30 April 2014

CRJ 310 Assignment 2 Law Enforcement and Policing Part 2

Practical Effects and Provisions placed on the Country Sheriff’s Office contained in the Bill of Rights There are various practical effects and provisions that have been placed on the county sheriff’s office as contained in the bill of rights. The provisions and practical effects protect the rights of the public officers in this agency Florida State and USA in general. To start with, the officers in this agency are given the right to engage in political activity. On the other hand, they may not be coerced to engage in the same political activity. This protects the rights of the officers as American citizens (Andrew, 2008). With respect to an officer who is under interrogation or investigation. There are several provisions that should be taken into consideration. On the fore, the investigation and interrogation will be undertaken at a reasonable hour, preferably normal working hours of the officer in the county sheriff’s office. In addition, the public officer should be well informed of the undertaking prior the interrogation.


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