Wednesday, 30 April 2014

CRJ 310 Assignment 1 Law Enforcement and Policing Part 1


Basic Organizational Structure, Purposes, and Functions of the Sheriff’s Office

The law enforcement agency that I selected is the Sheriff’s Office. The agency organizational structure is guided by both the constitution of the United States and the constitution of Florida. Generally, the county sheriff, and the under-sheriffs head the county sheriff’s office (William, 2003). The under-sheriffs are appointed by the sheriff if they minimum threshold of employment. The county sheriff’s office is divided into three major departments: operations division, administrative division, and the professional standards division. These divisions have specific duties to undertake that are in tandem with the general objective of the county sheriff’s office. The operations division is further divided into four that is jail security section, jail compliance section, and the court service section. The jail security section undertakes day shift security, evening shift security, and facility maintenance.


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