Wednesday, 30 April 2014

BUS 599 Assignment 4: Capstone Project



Assignment 4: Capstone Project

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Assignment 4: Capstone Project

Evaluate the superiority of each company’s organizational competencies in terms of entrepreneurial capabilities, organizational design capabilities, and strategic capabilities geared toward increased performance and profitability. Include one (1) example of such superiority from each company to support the response. Organizational competencies are essential for any organization in sustaining its competitive advantage and superiority. Samsung and Apple Inc have various distinctive competencies that have enabled them to maintain huge profitability in both the smartphones and electronic industry. To start with, Samsung has a comprehensive organizational structure due to the numerous products it offers. The company manages each of the product division separately to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. In the past, the company was behind Apple as far as the smartphone market is concerned. Nonetheless, with improvement in its organizational competencies, the company has been able to improve its competitive advantage (Amit & Zott, 2012). 


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