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BUS 519 Assignment 1: Assess Organizational Readiness


Assignment 1: Assess Organizational Readiness

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Assignment 1: Assess Organizational Readiness

Critical Success Factors in the Case Study

Critical success factors are significant areas of a project, which should be conducted well if the company is to achieve the goals, objectives, and mission of the business (StrayerUniversity, 2011). By determining the critical success factors, the company may create a common and valuable point of reference to assist in directing and measuring the success of the project or the business. Furthermore, the CFSs assist everyone in the project team to understand the issues that are most important. This assist the project team to conduct the project work in the right context. Consequently, they are able to work together towards the overall goals and objectives of the organization. The critical success factors apply to the facts in the case study. There are several significant critical success factors that are important in the case study. 


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