Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Assignment 1: Financial Research Report

Assignment 1: Financial Research Report

U.S Publicly Traded Company and the Significant Factors Driving the Decision

The U.S publicly traded company that I would advise my client to invest in is eBay. This company is the global leader in online trading community. There are various significant factors that will drive my decision as a financial manager in investing in this company. On the fore, technological factors are important in making the investment decision. At present, the technological changes are more rapid as compared to the past. The advanced technology is essential in enhancing productivity of labor and capital. The net benefit of having the new technology is an issue that most investor should look in the present world. The benefits gained from the technological costs influence the investment decision (Brigham, & Ehrhardt, 2014). As far as eBay is concerned, the decision to invest in the company is greatly influenced by technological factors. This company’s activities are majorly done over the internet. Therefore, the company strategy in adapting to the dynamic technology is an issue to consider before investing in the company.


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