Wednesday, 30 April 2014

ACC 557 Assignment 2: You Are an Entrepreneur

Assignment 2: You Are an Entrepreneur

Type of Business Created

The Service and General Staffing Plan The business that I have created is involved health and fitness services. It emanates from my hobby of body building. I have been involved in body building for a longer period of time, and it would be prudent to convert the hobby into a profit making entity. This business will offer body fitness and health services at a lower price to a low income market, which is untapped in my locality. The vision of this business is to provide quality fitness and health programs; thus, promoting a health society. The strength of this business as compared to existing competitors is that the firm will provide affordable services. In addition, the firm will have competent and experienced staff from the health sector. Specifically, the firm staff will include physiotherapist, doctors, and experienced body builders. The firm will have a centralized design where a single manager will supervise all the workers to reduce the operating expenses.


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